Air Fryer meets Cajun Black

Lyle over at No Hippie BBQ does some blackened chicken wings in his air fryer with SSJ Cajun Black.  First time that I know of our blackening seasoning has been used in an air fryer.  How did it work out?  Watch the video and see.  While there, subscribe to his page and hit the like button.

Boil Boss and Dynomite Deep Creole Seafood Boil

Magnolia BBQ is a new channel and just had to have our boil. What better way to do it up right than with the Boil Boss?  Check out their channel and subscribe for more great reviews.

KETO andouille sausage and chicken skillet with creole kick

The title says it all.  This is a great and easy dish for those who are looking for comfort food and watching those carbs.  While you are watching this video, why not subscribe to Bart’s channel?

Sweet Smokie Joe Cajun Seasoning at work

Dan at "Hog Wild BBQ" shows us how to make a Blackened Shrimp Alfredo that is Keto-Friendly using Cajun Black from Sweet Smokie Joe.  If you are doing Keto, or if you're not, this is a great, simple recipe that anyone can do.

creole fried shrimp

Our good friend, AB, over at "Smokin' and Grillin' wit AB" shows you a very quick and easy way to fry up shrimp.  AB does a great job at taking the mystery out of cooking.  Click the link or video and check him out.  As always, like and subscribe.

Sweet Smokie Joe's Fo 'Yo Chicken Thighs

Be sure to check out our newest member to the Sweet Smokie Joe Video Hall of Fame.  This is Bart.  He has started a new channel called "Grate Meals BBQ."  Please take a moment and check out his channel.  He is just getting started and I am sure would love for your to like his video and subscribe to his channel.  He is now a part of the family so let's show some of that SSJ Love!

Wagyu Skirt & Shrimp Tacos

Meet Russ from Smoky Ribs BBQ.  He puts together a wonderful surf and turf taco with a little help from SSJ.  If that is not enough, watch the video and see what he does to take it to the next level!  Do yourself a favor and watch this video.  While on his channel, why not subscribe?  Trust me, you will glad you did.  

Blackened alligator

Lyle at No Hippie BBQ uses our Cajun Black on some gator.  Check it out as he tries his hand at some blackened gator for the first time.  I guess in Colorado, gators come in bags.  Here in Louisiana, they come out of the water!  Be sure to check it out and like his channel.  While there, might as well subscribe so you won’t miss a thing.

Daddy Dutch Ribs

Kent really cooks up some meaty ribs!  If you have ever wondered what it would be like to BBQ in the snow in February in Indiana, here is a taste. Be sure to like his video and subscribe to his channel. Any friend of SSJ is a good one to have on your side!

Wok in the World?

Dan from Hog Wild BBQ has taken Sweet Smokie Joe to the Far East with this Mongolian BBQ recipe. Check it out for yourself. 

meet dan

Dan in a brand new YouTuber from Utah.  His channel is Hog Wild BBQ.  I am sure everyone from Arkansas can relate to that.  Go to his YouTube channel and subscribe.  Believe me, it's tough getting started and any help is appreciated.  Check him out and give him some love!

No hippie goes keto with fish & seafood

Lyle at No Hippie went Keto with Sweet Smokie Joe!  Watch the Fish and Seafood in action and how he uses it to make a really good dish.  You should give it a try even if you aren't on a diet.

Daddy Dutch BBQ and Cooking

This YouTuber won a set of the Four Brothers from No Hippie BBQ & Cooking.  He tried the Fo 'Yo Chicken and.....well, just watch and see what he thought about it!  Be sure to check out the rest of his videos.  Just a regular guy doing some good cooking!

No Hippie BBQ & cooking promo


Great video trying out all of our current offers.  Make sure to subscribe to his channel as well as like his channel.  Simply click on the underlined title and check it out.  Great ideas for cooking all types of food!  You will be glad you did.

Air Fryer Garlic Shrimp

See our Fish & Seafood in action on some air fried shrimp.  This is a great recipe that is both delicious and healthy.

Southern Coastal Cooking

There's nothing like a first impression.  This is the video that started it all.  Be sure to check out our buddy Joe's YouTube Channel, like his vids and subscribe.

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking

This is our friend Lyle's YouTube channel.  There are some really great cooking videos here as well as a lot of fun.  Check out his channel, like his vids and subscribe.

What's in the box?

Great unboxing video from Joe at Southern Coastal Cooking.

Biggest lobster i have ever seen!!

Our boy Joe putting some Sweet Smokie Joe to the ultimate test!

nothing like family, friends and a good boil!

The good people at Southern Coastal Cooking know how to have a great time and do a boil up right.