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Welcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana Seasonings

Welcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana Seasonings

Welcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana SeasoningsWelcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana Seasonings

Featured Product

Deep Creole Seafood Boil



This product is made in limited quantities and sells out every year.  We have heard from so many customers as to the diversity of this product that we actually changed the name and label to reflect it.

This product has been used in red beans and rice, hamburgers and even brisket!  This is more than the best boil on the market, this is an awesome all-purpose seasoning if you are looking for that Louisiana coast flavor.  This product has been featured on the YouTube hit channel, "Southern Coastal Cooking." 

Be sure to check it out.  Pair this up with the Boil Boss to make it go even further.

1 Pound Bag is enough for 40 qts of water

2 Pound Bag is enough for 80 qts of water

Deep Creole Seafood Boil by Sweet Smokie Joe

Deep Creole Seafood Boil by Sweet Smokie Joe

The original that everyone is talking about

Creole Kick

This is the original Creole Kick that everyone has been talking about.  This product has taken the nation by storm and is featured on numerous YouTube channels but none bigger than Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB.  CLICK  HERE to link to his channel and subscribe wile you are there.  AB is as good of a guy as they come and he shows you how to take the mystery out of cooking.  He makes the most delicious and beautiful looking foods that cover the entire spectrum.  From soul food to desserts, grilling to frying, AB has you covered. 

Our Creole Kick, like the majority of our products, is extremely low in sodium.  With the exception of only 2 products - Fish and Seafood, Fish and Seafood with Lemon - they come in at 3% sodium or less.  In case you are wondering, the Fish and Seafood line comes in at only 5% sodium.  Our products contain no MSG, no GMO, no Soy and no Wheat.  Every one of our products are made with recipes handed down from many generations of Southern Louisiana families and are steeped in deep Creole and Cajun tradition.  Our products are what true Louisiana, Creole and Cajun Seasonings are supposed to taste like.

Creole Kick is an all purpose seasoning and can be used before, during and/or after cooking.  If you want to have more of a "kick" to your dishes, use more Creole Kick.  If you want to just lightly season your food, use less.  This is something that can only be accomplished with our products because of the unique blend of seasonings and spices and the low sodium content.  We feel that you should control how much salt you want...not your seasoning.  Do yourself a favor and give our products a try.  They will leave your friends and family saying..."How 'Bout 'Dat?"

The Original Creole Kick from Sweet Smokie Joe.

The Original Creole Kick from Sweet Smokie Joe.

Our Beef & Pork Rub is Award Winning!!

Try our award winning Beef & Pork Rub!

About our Beef & Pork Rub

Just like all of our products, they are made with only the food in mind. Just ask Kent from Daddy Dutch BBQ on YouTube. He used our Beef & Pork Rub on his beef ribs to bring home first place!  Those of you who may not know, beef ribs are extremely difficult to cook correctly. We are pleased to have been a part of Kent's success. Congratulations to Kent!  Be sure to check out his YouTube channel and subscribe while you are there.