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Welcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana Seasonings

Welcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana Seasonings

Welcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana SeasoningsWelcome to Sweet Smokie Joe - Authentic Louisiana Seasonings

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Sweet Smokie Joe Shipping Promise

Shipping Promise

Shipping!  We all detest it but it remains that it is the price of doing business.  We attempt in every single way to get it as right as possible...which is impossible.  This is why we have the shipping promise.  If your actual shipping is less than what you paid for your product, minus processing charges, we will immediately refund the difference.  If the shipping is more than you paid, don't worry!  We will pay that cost for you.  All we want you to do is order with confidence and experience the newest thing in seasonings.

What to do if your package arrives damaged from Sweet Smokie Joe.

Damaged Shipments

Damage happens!  When it does, it is not your fault and it is not our fault.  This is why we have put a procedure in place to ensure both of us get what we want and loss for us and the best products for you.  Should you receive a damaged shipment, please follow the following procedures:

  1. Keep the box.  Damaged packages must be kept for a short while for possible inspection by the carrier.
  2. Take photos.  We will need photos of the main package, its contents and the damage.
  3. Email the photos, along with any identifiable information - Name, Address, Order Number, etc. - to

Please ensure each step is followed so we may quickly process your claim.

What is in the Sweet Smokie Joe products.

What's in It??

We receive a lot of inquires as to, "Does your product contain this?", "Does it contain that?"  Sweet Smokie Joe is very sensitive to these and all inquires.   For our customers who have concerns, interest or allergies as it pertains to certain ingredients, we have come up with this chart.  We have attempted to answer some of your questions before you have to ask.  Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to inquire at and we will do our best to answer them.  Thank you for being a Sweet Smokie Joe customer.